At the beginning of the June 15th Park Board meeting,
President Liz Wielinski read the following statement:

                                         MEETING RULES

Before we move into our agenda, I want to take a moment to raise an
issue that I feel should be addressed.

I know I speak for all of us when I say that our board values the
input of diverse community members; public interest in our efforts
influences our decision-making and enriches our work.

In order to do this optimally, this body operates with meeting rules
that allow for productive discourse amongst those on the board and in
the audience, as well as creating opportunities for public comment.
While this body has operated collegially for many years, we have gotten
inconsistent in the application of our rules for a number of months and
as a result, our effectiveness as a board has declined.

I want to remind all those in attendance, and my fellow board members
in particular, that we do have rules to govern the conduct of our
meetings and I will be adhering closer to the letter of those rules
going forward.

To that end, it will take the full board’s commitment to make our
meetings more effective and efficient.  I have provided summaries for
commissioners so that you have those rules for referral.

Copies of those summaries are also available at the sign-in desk if
members of the public would like to review them.   I would ask for your
cooperation in adhering to our rules in our conduct moving forward; I am
optimistic that reinforcing our existing rules will enhance our
communications as a board, which will also improve the quality of our
public meetings.

Thank you.