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Political Payback the Bra-ndal Scandal

Fox 9 did a report on the lucrative lobbying contract awarded to Kendal Killian,  MPRB President Brad Bourn’s friend and political supporter of Bourn and his new majority.  See the story here.

Many of the documents referred to in the story have been made available to Park Watch.

Killian contract with the Request for Proposal and his reply to same attached

Killian Proposed Work Product

Neerland and Oyaas Proposal

Sarah Walker Proposal

Killian’s invoices to date June ,July , August , and September

There was suppose to be a more robust discussion on the need for this position and how it would be filled.  Here was actual timing of events…

Feb 21: Initial discussion about commissioner compensation, IGR and commissioner aides held where no consensus was reached about any changes to support for commissioners. President Bourn indicates the superintendent will come back to the board with a proposal if one is warranted. Begins at
March: No further board discussions on IGR held.
April 5: RFP was posted.
June 5: Contract signed.
Bourn was incredibly outspoken about transparency and process throughout his two previous terms on the board.