Reroute SW Light Rail

The following letter-to-the-editor, dated May 14, 2016, was published in the Southwest Journal.

Reroute SW Light Rail

This SWLRT light line is so invasive into what Minneapolis as a city has to offer. We are known as the City of Lakes.

We are almost unique in the world and so lucky to have these lakes and other outdoor amenities right within our boundaries In the past someone saved these lakes for our generation and now it is our turn to save these lake for future generations. They didn’t go to this effort to save these lakes to have them invaded by light rail lines.

Surely there are places in Minneapolis that the rail line could go rather without destroying our lakes, walking paths and outdoor activities. Minneapolis occupies a large area. The line has plenty of places to be located rather than this one narrow channel between Cedar Lake and Lake of the Isles. I cannot understand why you insist on building this line in this one problematic spot. Can you not find a spot that is less controversial? 

One day last week a number of business wrote a letter in the paper about how this line would benefit them by delivering employees to their suburban locations. However there are more than business leaders who live in Minneapolis with rights to have say about what goes on in our city. How about those of us who need some outdoor space for walking and playing? Don’t we have any say about what goes on in our city? 

Also the business leaders who wrote the letter came from suburban locations and who had deserted Minneapolis a few years ago for the suburbs. Now they are finding out the drawbacks to being so suburban oriented and they want the citizens of Minneapolis to correct and pay their mistaken decisions. 

Please find another route for this line and leave our lakes parks for all of us citizens to enjoy.

To build this light route in the place that is proposed is building another mistake on top of another. Please don’t vote to fund this SWLRT ruination of our city. For once listen to the citizens of this city who elected you into office. Surely we have some rights to have say about what goes on in our city and the place where we live.  

Joyce Murphy

Lowry Hill