A Park Watch Commentary about “The Yard”

There are many visions and expectations as well as inaccurate assertions and assumptions for “The Yard;” but at this point, the only known facts about the use of “The Yard” are those associated with the NFL and the 2018 Super Bowl.  Some of  the requirements dictated by the NFL for “The Yard” during the Super Bowl were outlined during the June 12, 2014 Park Committee meeting.  For example, “The Yard” and, I believe, its proximity will be totally off limits to anyone not associated with the Super Bowl.  There will be a gigantic tent encasing the area to ensure that the public will have no access. The “Peoples’ Park” will be totally privatized during the Super Bowl.  And the public will not benefit from any profits from any Super Bowl enterprises situated within the Super Bowl tent.

Arlene Fried
Co-founder of  Minneapolis Park Watch  www.mplsparkwatch.org