Presentation on Bassett Creek Restoration Work

The Park Board has issued the following announcement by e-mail.  The project page is

Reminder: Bassett Creek restoration work presentation:
— Feb. 22, 2014 – Saturday – 10:30-11:30 a.m.
— Wirth Park Pavilion – 3275 Glenwood Ave.
— park in Wirth Lake beach parking lot

Work on Bassett Creek in and downstream of Theodore Wirth Regional Park and Bassett Creek Park will soon begin. The project, titled “Bassett Creek Main Stem Channel Restoration Project, 2012 Golden Valley Road to Irving Ave North,” will identify erosion and waterquality improvements for the creek. Design began in spring 2013, and construction is expected to begin in summer 2014 and continue into2015. The project is funded by the Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission (BCWMC, Commission) and the Clean Water Legacy Amendment.

The BCWMC has an adopted management plan for Bassett Creek. TheCommission annually approves a capital improvement plan proposing their county tax levy and projects to be funded for water quality improvements. One of the approved projects is a stream bank restoration project described as the Restoration of the Main Stem of Bassett Creek from Golden Valley Road (in the City of Golden Valley)south to Irving Avenue North in Minneapolis.

A complete description of the project is found in the feasibility report for the project prepared by Barr Engineering Company, entitled” Feasibility Report for Bassett Creek Main Stem Restoration Project -Golden Valley Road to Irving Avenue North,” dated June 2011. The project lies mostly within Theodore Wirth Regional Park, and Bassett Creek Park.

On September 15, 2011 the BCWMC adopted a resolution ordering the MainStem Project and directed that it be constructed by the City of Minneapolis. On March 30, 2012 the City of Minneapolis approved an agreement with the Bassett Creek Watershed Commission for the project.  On March 20, 2013 an agreement with the City of Minneapolis and MPRB that outlines implementation of the project will be presented to the MPRB board for approval. MPRB staff are charged with design and construction administration since much of the property is owned by MPRB. Funding will pass from the BCWMC through the city of Minneapolis to MPRB.
Note: The Barr Engineering feasibility report can be found at: