Review of Supt. Jayne Miller's Performance


The follow item was presented during the July 24, 2013 MPRB meeting:

Summary of Salient Points of Evaluation of Superintendent Jayne Miller

In January, 2013, the Park Board retained Olson Consulting Group (OCG), a management consulting firm, to evaluate the performance of Superintendent Jayne Miller for the year 2012 and to set clear goals and objectives for the Superintendent for the year 2013. Dr. Carol Lynn Courtney, Senior Consultant with OCG conducted individual interviews with Park Board Commissioners, completed the evaluation, and presented the evaluation to the Park Board on July 10, 2013. The evaluation was given to the Superintendent by the Board on July 10, 2013.

The following is a summary of the salient points of the evaluation of Superintendent Miller:

Superintendent Miller was evaluated in the following six areas:

1) Communication

Meets to Exceeds Expectations

* Communicates clearly, concisely, and effectively; listens well

* Keeps the Board fully informed

* Could push the Board even harder on different issues

2) Customer Service

Meets to Exceeds Expectations:

* Provides the best possible service to internal and external customers

* Continuing to build strong relationships with board members, City Council and other governing bodies, National Park Service and the community

* Works well with the Board members

* Improved relationships with unions and NAACP

* Building relationships with staff but should spend more time in the field meeting staff

* Concern about inconsistencies at recreation centers but new Assistant Superintendent will be helpful

3) Decision Making/Problem Solving

Meets to Exceeds Expectations

* Uses good judgment in making decisions, resolving issues and completing work

* Strategic, clear about a vision for the MPRB

* Motivated by solving challenging problems and fixing things

*Budgets are in place across the organization for the first time

* Process is a real strength

* Decisive and follows through

* Thoughtful

* Concerns about too many changes at one time

4) Interpersonal Skills

Meets to Exceeds Expectations

* Builds effective relationships with employees, co-workers and customers

* Liked and respected by Board

* Interacts best one-on-one

* Has become less defensive

5) Technical Skills and Knowledge

Meets to Exceeds Expectations

* Demonstrates competence in carrying out job responsibilities

* Is a quick study

* Increased knowledge of Minnesota culture

* Competent in technical aspects of parks and recreation

* Might be helpful for her to attend conferences to further her love of learning

6) Time Management

Meets to Exceeds Expectations

* Manages time and workload effectively

* Is delegating more

* Improved time management

* Deputy Superintendent position should improve time management and filling remaining positions will be helpful

* Is responsive to time critical matters

7) People Management

Meets Expectations

* Effectively manages employees to meet goals and objectives

* Demonstrates strong leadership skills

* Has provided great leadership skills training in Indiana for staff

* Has hired strong leaders

* Has a good relationship with senior staff

* Some board members expressed concerns about staff morale

* Staff seems overworked; she acknowledged that staff is overworked and that she and her team are working on improving the work load level

* Concern that she will be willing to delegate duties to the Deputy Superintendent and to her senior team

Performance of goals set by Board for July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013:

1. Implement departmental goals and performance measures adopted in December 2011 that align with the 2007-2020 Comprehensive Plan, 2011-2013 Strategic Direction and the 2012 Budget Frameworks. The Superintendent is to report quarterly on status of the 2012 departmental goals and performance measures.

Meets to Exceeds Expectations

2. Improve communication within and outside the organization. Address issues identified in the January 2012 Organizational and Environmental Analysis report.

Meets Expectations

3. Strengthen organizational performance. Continue to evaluate and implement recommendations from organizational performance consulting work.

Meets Expectations

4. Continue to strengthen relationships with MPRB employees by being visible and interactive, with particular attention to front line staff. Address issues identified in the January 2012 Organizational and Environmental Analysis report.

Meets Expectations

5. Continue to strengthen outside relationships with other organizations, partners and governmental entities.

Meets to Exceeds Expectations

6. Better define the roles and responsibilities of the Board and the Superintendent so that the overall mission of the organization as a whole is enhanced and supported.

Meets to Exceeds Expectations

Note: Board members had questions about goal # 6 because it is difficult to evaluate.