Loppet / M P R B Concerns

The following letter was presented during Open Time at the May 1, 2013 Park Board meeting by Robert Dwyers of the Friends of the Theodore Wirth Par 3:


I represent the Friends of the Theodore Wirth Par 3. We have a cooperative with the Theodore Wirth Golf Association and we support their objectives

I apologize for having to come before you again regarding the Memorandum of Understanding for the Welcome Center and surrounding area

But there are items which we hoped had been resolved in previous meetings which are now missing AND there are fundamental changes in this version of the MOU.

I have provided you with an email about our concerns. Please read them carefully.

Golfers have receive little recognition for their sympathy with the value of the Welcome Center and their willingness to accept a redesign of the Wirth Back 9

But this version of the MOU says that the redesign should go ahead even though the Welcome Center may not be built. This is NOT acceptable.

The loss of two historic golf holes is NOT justified by biking trails for which no environmental impact study has been provided for a biking program which is not yet developed. and where no search for alternative sites has been evident.

It is NOT acceptable to begin work on changes to the golf course without 100% of the Welcome Center project funding being secured.

In Addition: There are at least 13 major uncertainties and unknowns in this MOU, any of which could result in having to cancel the project or start over. Commissioners may not wish to proceed with this plan without greater knowledge about these items.