Park Board O Ks Beer and Wine Sales At Lake Harriet

The following item by Chris Steller was reported in the Southwest Patch:

Minneapolis Park Board OKs Beer and Wine Sales at Lake Harriet

Proposal moves next to city council, media sources reported.

Lake Harriet is already wet, but food service options may soon get a little less dry, WCCO-TV reported Sunday:

After a recent decision, beer and wine sales at Lake Harriet look more and more possible. In a 5-4 vote Wednesday, the Minneapolis Park Board approved [its] support [of] the liquor license application: for Bread and Pickle off of Lake Harriet.

The plan still needs to get city council approval—and has its detractors, the Star Tribune MPLS. blog reported:

Arlene Fried, a co-founder of Park Watch, spoke at Wednesday night’s Board meeting against the original delineations for where drinking would be allowed. She said that planters and tables will create “barriers and congestion” for people walking through.

“Allowing one use to dominate this compact and very popular public area is poor planning; and, in this case, just plain dangerous,” Fried said in prepared remarks: “The Lake Harriet concessions stand was never meant to be a wine and beer garden any more than it was meant to be a Dairy Queen.”

Size has been an issue, the Southwest Journal reported April 2: “If it’s only the smaller area, I won’t do it. It’s not going to happen. I am willing to compromise on some of that area, but if it’s just that small area that’s drawn, it’s not happening,” [Bread & Pickle co-owner Kim Bartmann] said. “There’s no reason for it to be that small, and no one will be happy.”

Here’s where Bartmann and the city don’t see eye-to-eye. Business Licensing Manager Grant Wilson cited Minnesota statute 340A.410, which says, “A licensing authority may issue a retail alcoholic beverage license only for a space that is compact and contiguous.”

Beer came up when Minnesota Public Radio: interviewed Minnesota Monthly Editor Rachel Hutton about dining at Minneapolis parks:

Tom Crann: What should we order at the other park eateries?

Rachel Hutton: Sea Salt is already open, so you can go get a crab cake sandwich and a local tap beer. The cold weather is preventing a firm opening date for Tin Fish and Bread & Pickle. Operators of those restaurants are hopeful they will be open before May 1. At Tin Fish, I like their basic fried cod sandwich, the Mini Tin. At Bread & Pickle I like their breakfast sandwiches, the hummus wrap, and they do excellent fried cheese curds that can tide us over until the Minnesota State Fair: