Crown Hydro's To-Do List


The following item by David Fehlan was posted on the Issues List on January 26, 2012 and reprinted here with permission:

Zombie Hydro. I thought this thing finally died last summer, but apparently not. After browsing through a few documents on the FERC website (thanks for the link, Bill Kahn), it looks like the decision to terminate the license has not been made. As of one week ago, there are more promises by Crown Hydro to catchup on their paperwork and they’re proposing yet another location (I think it’s the fourth one). The to-do list:

1. Overcome all the engineering concerns raised by the Army Corps (the list is long),

2. Get the Army Corps to give up part of its real estate for construction (temporary)and a powerhouse (permanent),

3. Convince FERC? Xcel? to leave them some water. I believe Xcel’s desire to take more water is a separate regulatory request, also opposed by many.

4. Find the money to build the power plant.

Re item No. 4, the home of Crown Hydro’s Bill Hawks went through foreclosure and was sold in the summer …… but someone still believes in the project and is putting up the money for expenses like lawyers, engineers, consultants, storage fees on the mothballed turbines and generators (I read that they were purchased in 2002) and whatever else it takes to keep the proposal alive after 13 years.

David Fehlan

Uptown/East Isles