MPRB President John Erwin has assembled and recently distributed the following list of


Expanded Parks and Amenities:
– Purchased Scherer Bros. Site
– Purchased 2220 Marshall St. Site
– Purchased – North Sites (get addresses. . .)
– Approved site for 35W Bridge Memorial
– Increased public access to Superintendent’s House
– Added 2 new artificial fields in neighborhood parks (Twins Funding)
– Renovated 6 athletic fields in neighborhood parks (Twins Funding)
– Approved Victory Memorial Replacement with Hennepin County

Replaced Infrastructure:
– Replaced plank road with internal funds
– Completed Bryant Ave Bridge
– Repaired Linden Hills Wading Pool

Generated New Revenue:
– Park Dedication Fee (approx. additional $1 million per year)
– Altered legislation to allow Scherer purchase utilizing Legacy Funding sources only
– Storm Water Fee agreement opening fund to MPRB Access
– Approved new Restaurant at Lake Harriet
– Approved new River Boat Operator for Mississippi River
– Rearranged tenants in Superintendent’s House and Longfellow House to generate an additional $6,000 per year in revenue
– Exploring new revenue generation models including conservancies

Resolved Legal Issues and Other Conflict:
– Significantly better relationship with City Council and Mayor
– Approved agreements with City and County to facilitate Central Rail
Corridor Construction
– Agreement with MCWD to complete Minnehaha Creek Project
– Defended free speech in Loring Park in Federal Court with Twin Cities
Pride vs MPRB and won
– Fuji ya case resolution (won)

Changed Leadership and Reorganized to Reduce Costs:
– Identified new Board Goals
– Identified a Search Firm and initiated a New Superintendent Search
– Appointed Interim Superintendent Fisher
– Hired new Superintendent Miller on schedule
– Reorganized to simplify structure, reduce administrative staff (21 positions), reduce costs, while maintaining the best parts of the CSA system to not significantly impact the system
– Added an addition Republican lobbyist to our team ($20,000 approved, actual cost will be between $5,000-10,000)

Redirected Funds to Reduce Property Tax Reliance and Invest in Neighborhood Parks:
– Allocated $1,000,000 to neighborhood CIP in 2010
– Reduced Budget by $1.6 million due to State unalotment in 2010
– Reorganization and internal savings measures generated an additional $3.3 million per year for Neighborhood Capital Improvement in 2011 (beyond $1 million allocated in 2010)
– Taken together these three items represent a $5.9 million dollar shift with a $5.3 million reinvestment (1 million from 2010 unspent + 4.3 million for 2011 Available in 2011 total) into neighborhood parks. This is similar to the reduction that the 2002 Board dealt with after 9/11 ($6 million). We accomplished this proactively. This also represents a 8% new allocation into neighborhood parks.

Increased Citizen Engagement:
– Initiated Wirth CAC
– Completed BF Nelson/Boom Island CAC
– Initiated SW LRT CAC
– Initiated MLK Dog Park CAC
– Initiated MLK Memorial Review
– Initiated Brownie Lake CAC
– Initiated the Riverfront Design Competition and a citizen input process

Significant Other Initiatives:
– Increased tree planting from 4,000 to 5.500 trees (highest since 1970’s) in 2010.
– Hosted the National NRPA Conference
– Initiated Riverfront Design Competition
– Reinvesting into a sustainable plan to support the Parks Foundation.
– Partnering with the Downtown Improvement District on Library Park and other greening Initiatives Downtown