Crown Hydro Reneged on Agreement Not to Attempt to Use Eminent Domain

In an agreement filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on Oct 30, 1998, Crown agreed that it would not at any time attempt to use eminent domain to obtain property owned by the Minneapolis Park Board.

In October, 2004 Crown reneged on that agreement and sought to use eminent domain to acquire parkland in Mill Ruin Park.

FERC ruled on February 10, 2005 that Section 21 of the Federal Power Act does not allow eminent domain to be used to acquire property in the Mill Ruins park. Crown, still desiring to use eminent domain, appealed that decision and it is currently pending in the 8th Circuit of the Federal Court of Appeals.

Contrary to what has been represented, Crown does not have a FERC license to operate a hydroplant at the Mill Ruins Park. Their amended application to do so was also turned down on Feb 10, 2005.

A copy of the agreement to not seek eminent domain is attached to this story.
Crown Agree not to Use Eminent Domain.pdf