At the February 18, 2009, Park Board meeting, General Manager Don Siggelkow announced that, for the 2009 summer season, the food concession at Lake Harriet Regional Park would be temporarily operated by Wheel Fun. This was a surprise because Wheel Fun is the company that rents bicycles and recreational vehicles at Minnehaha Park and Lake Calhoun and also water bikes at Lake Calhoun.

It is not a food service concessionaire and has had no experience in food service. In a recent article in the Star Tribune, General Manager Siggelkow is quoted as saying “the company does not have a food service background.”

So why would General Manager Siggelkow be giving a company the responsibility for a Park Board food concession when it has had no experience in the handling of, the preparation of and the serving of food? Shouldn’t the public have the confidence that when it purchases food from a Park Board concession that the concessionaire is experienced in the handling, the preparation and the serving of food?

Arlene Fried
Co-founder of Park Watch