Superintendent's Recommended 2007 Budget

The Superintendent’s Recommended 2007 Budget can be viewed by following this link Superintendent’s Recommended 2007 Budget to the Park Board website. The link to the 39 page .pdf file can be found near the bottom of the page. Or obtain it directly from the linked attachment below.

A Public Hearing to make comments on the budget will be held at the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board headquarters building on Wednesday December 6th.

uploaded11-15-06 Superintendents Proposed Budget for 2007.pdf

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  1. Liz Wielinski Post author

    For me it’s the Superintendent’s Procrastination 2007 budget. They are delaying any serious work on any problem areas until the Comprehensive Plan is completed. In the meanwhile they are hiring consultants to look into things. They are also hatching some more money making schemes in the Enterprise Division. Look for the new concessions ( where and what to be decided by the partnering organization ), the new BIG EVENT ( where and when ditto but it needs to bring in $50,000/year for the MPRB and can not be at the Chain of Lakes which is already too busy), the ONLINE SALES of MPRB merchandise ( get your StoneArch Bridge coasters and Minnehaha Falls collectable thimbles here) and the ever popular miniature golf at the Lupient Waterpark ( one entrance, 2 fees ).

    The budget was introduced by Don Siggelkow, General Manager for Administration as a transitional budget. They intend to use the Comprehensive Plan for where to direct funding in a more targeted manner before the 2008 budget is formed. The plan was to fund at the 2006 level and introduce some changes. That didn’t come in under the dollars allocated to the MPRB so they asked each cost center to come up with a 1% cut. Here is the longer version…. ( the categories are that of the MPRB budget document )

    Tree planting $300,000 approx. 3,500 trees. This seems a bit odd as they claim they can only plant 2,500 per year at current staffing levels.
    Stump Removal $300,000 ( vs. $432,000 in ’06 and $600,000 in ’05 ) which if funded at this rate for the next 5 years should get rid of the backlog.

    Warning to the Emerald Ash Borer and Asian Long Horned Beetle…. you are not welcome here until 2013.

    Hire a Grant Writer, well really a researcher for those on the staff who write grants ( budgeted salary $35,000 ) for a minimum of 3 years and see how it goes. Former Commissioner Erwin proposed this for years and now they think it is a great idea.

    $50,000 to implement new practices and products that will further reduce pesticide/fungicide use at the golf courses. Please sportswriters at local papers remember this and promote the MPRB as the GREEN greens.

    The Foundation for Minneapolis Parks, planning 2 events for 2007, expected revenue $200,000, Commissioner Dziedzic questioned the expense ratio and I think he is onto something. Anyone ever see the movie Harper Valley PTA with Barbara Eden?

    Park Dedication Fee, this is still in the works with the city but meanwhile the building boom is slowing

    Hennepin County Stadium Tax, we start to pay in January, MPRB starts to collect ???????

    Income Enhancers….

    Sell the 201 Building ( original best offer probably near $6 million, now down to $4 million since there are so many issues with the site, like no police or fire service)

    Miniature Golf, why Northeast? why not in Linden Hills or closer to Edina? shouldn’t the decision be based on where your target market is and not on where you already have a front gate to take the money?

    Food Concession Expansion- mobile carts- hope springs eternal for the popcorn at Minnehaha Falls

    Parking System improvements ( I guess it can’t get worse, can it? )

    More Concessionaires ( partners get to pick), Online merchandising, and a new event


    Watch out you bikers on the pedestrian trails and pedestrians on the bike trails, you are the income of the future

    125TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE MPRB in 2008- $50,000 for planning and prep ( 100th Anniversary of the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden in 2007- $0 )

    No more warehousing of supplies, just order direct from the vendor ( will they now use this space for the MPRB coasters and puzzles they will be selling online?)

    Hiring a consultant

    Can’t break the contract so need to re-negotiate level of care with the Walker Art Center

    Hiring a consultant

    $180,000 + money from the state. Looking for more from the city and the county so program is sustainable.

    Making a list, checking it twice, seeing if the leases are good and what can be sold for acquisition elsewhere.

    Opening in 2009 need to find operating dollars

    Hired a programmer analyst to help improve services

    Public Hearing Wednesday December 6th, 5:30 pm Park Board Headquarters, 2117 West River Parkway, 2nd floor Boardroom

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