Star Tribune Letters: Reasons for Caution on DeLaSalle Stadium

In the May 21 Star Tribune online edition, Jason Stone writes:

Columnist Nick Coleman has dedicated a vat of ink to the proposed DeLaSalle stadium on Nicollet Island, including his May 12 “In suggestion box: A simple solution for DeLaSalle fracas.”

My biggest concern with this stadium proposal has been that elected officials with close personal ties to DeLaSalle High School have not recused themselves from votes. Public process and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s own planning process were not observed. Other planned work of the Park Board was pushed aside to make room for the DeLaSalle proposal. The integrity of the Park Board as an institution is far more important than any one project.

After the recent estimated $2 million lawsuit against the Park Board for the failed “The Fort” skate park, the board should be doing extra due diligence before embarking upon any joint venture or complex project.