Star Tribune: 3 members will leave Minneapolis Park Board

Rochelle Olson, March 16, 2005

»An often bitterly divided Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board will lose at least three members this year, including its most ardent environmentalist.

John Erwin, whose hopes to serve as president were dashed twice by the board’s majority faction, will announce at tonight’s regular meeting his decision not to seek reelection. Two other members, Vivian Mason and Marie Hauser, also won’t run again this year.

Mason and Erwin often formed half of the four-person minority on the nine-member board. Hauser, who consistently votes with the majority, is running for City Council in the Eighth Ward.

Mason, in her ninth year on the board, said it’s time to move on. Erwin, in his first term, maintained that he wasn’t driven away by board politics, but that he will leave in order to fulfill a desire to travel and camp with his sons before his teenager leaves home. He offered kind words for his colleagues.«

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