Park Board Business

To all of you who are following Park Board meetings on Park Watch or cable TV:

As I continue to attend and observe Park Board meetings, what I’ve discovered to be significant is not only what Park Board business IS addressed at Park Board meetings, but what Park Board business is NOT addressed at meetings. I’ve observed that certain business items get postponed or just left off of the agenda and ignored. These items are not insignificant items.

So I’ve found it’s a good idea to keep tabs on what business SHOULD have been carried forward from the previous meeting.

Liz has reported about what business WAS conducted at the October 6 Park Board meeting. I will report about what business SHOULD have been addressed at the October 6 meeting but was not:

1. A DETAILED review and discussion of the Park Board’s reserve funds as requested by minority board members (Berry Graves, Erwin, Mason and Young) at the September 15 meeting. It’s kinda nice to know about these funds’ balances.

2. The declaration by the PB of its position on the City approved Bassett Creek Valley Master Plan as requested by the Bryn Mawr Neighborhood Association in August. This is the third post-ponement of this item. Stay tuned for this “hot” topic.

3. A DETAILED budget, as requested by minority board members at the September 15 meeting, for the Interim Superintendent’s plan to move the police to the PB headquarters building. When spending close to $400,000, it’s nice to know as much as possible about what the costs are going to be.