What's on the Agenda?

To all of you who are following Park Board meetings on Park Watch or cable TV:

After I left the September 15 Park Board meeting, I jotted down the items of business that should be continued or brought forth for discussion (either by the full board or in committee) at the October 6 meeting. I thought you might be interested in knowing what they are.

–Superintent’s Search Update.

–Review and discussion of the Park Board’s reserve funds, some of which made possible the
purchase of the new $6.5 million headquarters building.

–Interim Superintendent Gurban’s mandated monthly report.

–The Park Board’s position on the City approved Bassett Creek Valley Master Plan.

–Review of the Superintendent’s 2005 budget.

–The budget for the proposal to move the police to the Park Board headquarters.

–The future use of the historic Wirth Home, which is now vacant and could be used as an
interpretive learning center.

–The future use of the Longfellow House.

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  1. Anonymous

    What ever happened to the motion passed at the January MPRB meeting that called for a complete review and audit of all attorney fees and council services? Add that to the list of ignored directives.

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