Pioneer Press: Park Board Rejects Hydro Plant

“A proposal to build a hydroelectric generating plant in the area where flour milling once dominated downtown Minneapolis has been rejected by the Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board.

On a vote of 5-4, the park board, which owns the site near the Stone Arch Bridge, voted Wednesday against a proposal by Crown Hydro to build an underground generating plant that would have used the tunnels and chutes that once powered the old mills.

The proposal had been opposed by a number of groups, including residents of expensive condos along the river and the Minnesota Historical Society, which operates the Mill City Museum near the site and advocates of further historical excavations in the area.”

1 thought on “Pioneer Press: Park Board Rejects Hydro Plant

  1. Chris Post author

    It’s a shame that the Pioneer Press makes the mistake and continues the misperception that only expensive condos affordable by the wealthy exist along the river downtown. Sure, there are some million dollar units down there. But that’s like saying all of southwest Minneapolis is full of expensive homes just because there are some million dollar homes around Lake Harriet.

    I’ve seen prices from the mid-100’s on up. With the median price of a home in the metro area right around $200,000, it’s not remotely accurate to imply that only owners of expensive condos live along the river and oppose Crown Hydro.

    Nobody polled the opponents to find out how much their homes were worth. This is just plain lazy, sloppy reporting on the part of the Pioneer Press.

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