2002 Superintendent's Report Published

The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board’s Superintendent’s Report 2002 was distributed this past week.

  • Yes, this is March 24, 2004 and the report is for 2002. There is no error in that date.
  • Despite having mortgaged the future of the Board to buy a new headquarters building in 2002, this $5.7 million transaction isn’t even mentioned in the report.

1 thought on “2002 Superintendent's Report Published

  1. Anonymous

    Shouldn’t this report, as well as the Park Board’s annual report of financial information, be finished and available to the public within 6 months of the close of the reporting period (e.g. calendar year or fiscal year)?

    There can be no excuse for issuing an annual report 15 months after the fact. What are they trying to hide? Or are they just completely incompetent?

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