About us

Who We Are

Park Watch is a coalition of park-loving citizens who have concerns about how the Park Board makes decisions and does business.


Park Watch was formed in January of 2004 after a majority of five members of the Park Board voted to hire as superintendent an individual who had not even been a candidate or interviewed for the position. Such a disturbing and blatant disregard of democratic process was the catalyst for Park Watch.

Observing Meetings

As a watch dog organization, members of Park Watch attend Park Board meetings on a regular basis to observe first-hand official Park Board business being conducted. Park Watch also reviews various Park Board documents.

Openness and Accountability

We are advocates for openness and accountability in all of the Park Board’s fiscal and administrative activities.

Public Awareness

It is Park Watch’s intention to raise public awareness of how the Park Board makes decisions and does business. We do so through our website (mplsparkwatch.org), through postings on the Minneapolis Issues list, media relations, letters to the editor and one-to-one contacts.

Independent Park Board

Park Watch supports keeping the Park Board as an independent government agency.

Park Watch is not a registered Political Action Committee (PAC) and therefore is prohibited by law from fund raising and spending beyond a minimal amount. Park Watch is non-partisan, volunteer organization and this web site’s minimal cost was paid for by one member.

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