Disruptive Behavior at Public Meetings

The following two letters were published in the September 10, 2016 edition of the Star Tribune.

Disruptiveness to get a point across? Nope, not right.

I read the Sept. 9 article about the increasingly difficult task of conducting public meetings without a variety of disruptive tactics (“Noisy meetings more the norm”). NAACP spokesman Raeisha Williams points out that no matter what tactic protesters employ, they cannot get their message across. I suggest that they give the “kneel in silent protest” another chance.

Rod Johnson, Alexandria, Minn.

• • •

I am writing to respond to the Star Tribune’s article reporting the Minneapolis NAACP’s demand for an apology from the city’s Park Board for removing a number of disruptive individuals from Wednesday’s meeting. The individuals removed were heckling the commissioners and interfering with Park Board business. Their removal was a logical consequence of their intentional disruptive behavior.

It would be appropriate for the disrupters to apologize for their bad behavior. Why would they expect the Park Board to apologize to them?

Arlene Fried, Minneapolis