In Support of MPRB President Liz Wielinski

In Support of MPRB President Liz Wielinski

I was at the May 18 Park Board meeting which became a platform for Nekima Levy-Pounds and her efforts to disparage the Park Board and pressure Park Board President Liz Wielinski to resign.  KARE 11 covered the meeting but focused on Levy-Pounds’ unsupported criticisms of the Park Board.  KARE’S coverage was not fair and balanced journalism.  There was no footage or mention of my Open Time speech which was in support of President Wielinski. Here is my speech which was intended to provide balance to Levy-Pounds’ attack on Liz and the PB.


                In Support of MPRB President Liz Wielinski


I am deeply shocked, saddened and disturbed about the vitriolic and mean-spirited attacks that have recently been directed at Park Board President Liz Wielinski.

I have known Liz since 2004 when she, I and three others co-founded Park Watch.
Park Watch was founded to reform the previous Park Board administration and to recreate a Park Board that would be transparent, administratively accountable and ensure citizen participation.  And with the new Park Board in 2009 and the hiring in 2011 of Superintendent Miller, there have been significant improvements.

Since her election to the board in 2009, Liz has worked tirelessly to benefit our parks
and park system.  She deserves to be treated with respect–not insults.

Arlene Fried
Co-founder of Park Watch