Minneapolis Approves 20-year, $800 Million Park and Road Deal

The following article by Eric Roper was published in the April 30, 2016 issue of the Star Tribune.

Minneapolis Approves 20-year, $800 Million Park and Road Deal

         Above: A signing ceremony featuring Mayor Hodges and members of the City Council followed the vote.

A momentous $800 million deal to breath new life into Minneapolis’ crumbling roads and parks received enthusiastic and unanimous approval Friday by the City Council.

The plan would pump about $22 million a year into new street repairs, and $11 million into park renovations and maintenance — adjusted annually for inflation. It will be paid for largely through issuing debt and raising property taxes (see here for more details).

“The commitment we are making today for our streets and for our parks will allow us to meet our duty to the generation before us, who built the Minneapolis we inherited,” said Mayor Betsy Hodges. “And our duty to the generations that will follow, to ensure they inherit a city that works for through 21st Century.”

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