Minneapolis Approves Landmark Park and Road Funding Deal

The following article by MinnPost staff was posted on MinnPost on April 29, 2016.

Minneapolis Approves Landmark Park and Road Funding Deal


Liz Wielinski and Barbara Johnson

Board President Liz Wielinski and City Council President Barbara Johnson, two of the authors of the parks portion of the deal, congratulating one another after the vote.

The deal is done. The Southwest Journal’s Eric Best and Sarah McKenzie report: “The City Council voted unanimously Friday to approve a new $800 million long-term funding plan for the city’s neighborhood parks and streets — heralding it as a historic agreement among city and park leaders to address significant infrastructure needs. … The plan dedicates $22 million in new money for street projects annually along with $11 million for neighborhood parks — a compromise proposal crafted by Mayor Betsy Hodges, City Council and Park Board leaders. Park leaders had previously been considering moving ahead with a referendum for voters this fall.”