Retaining the Name Lake Calhoun

Here is the statement given by Arlene Fried, co-founder of Park Watch, during the Lake Calhoun-Harriet CAC meeting on March 24, 2016.

Retaining the Name Lake Calhoun

I am in support of retaining the name Lake Calhoun.

It is important to understand that the lakes in the Minneapolis Park system are not only lakes; they are also assets–valuable assets.  And they are branded assets.

The names and the assets are linked together.  And so Lake Calhoun–the asset and its name are linked together.

Lake Calhoun is a brand and there is immeasurable value in its name.  Tourists from all over the world visit our lakes and recognize their names.

As custodians of all of the assets in our esteemed park system, it is our Park Board commissioners’  fiduciary responsibility as commissioners to protect and preserve these assets; and that means protecting and preserving our lakes and the names attached to them.

Arlene Fried
Co-founder of Park Watch