Land Commissioners for Graco Condemnation Award Tour Site, Plant‏

The following article by Steve Brandt, dated February 22, 2016, was published in the Star Tribune.

Land Commissioners for Graco Condemnation Award Tour Site, Plant‏

(Land commissioners and attorneys walk the easement the Park Board was granted at Graco.)

After a hiatus of more than half a year, the process has begun for determining how much Minneapolis park commissioners owe Graco for a narrow strip of land that lies between the company’s huge factory and the Mississippi River.

Court-appointed land commissioners who will recommend the condemnation award that a court will grant to to Graco walked the easement and toured the factory Monday. The building is about as large as eight football fields.

They’re expected to hear arguments from attorneys representing Graco and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board this summer. The Park Board has said its appraisal values the easement at $622,300, but Graco is expected to seek several times that amount.

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