New Ideas Advanced for Park Changes at Harriet and South Calhoun

The following article by Steve Brandt was published in the November 19, 2015 edition of the Star Tribune. 

New Ideas Advanced for Park Changes at Harriet and South Calhoun

Planning for reshaping of lakes Harriet and Calhoun continued Tuesday night with sparser attendance by the appointees given the job of advising the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board on the future of the two lakes.

But perhaps the biggest new idea was taken off the table.

That was the concept of creating a land bridge over the intersection of Richfield Road and William Berry Parkway, just south of Lake Calhoun, to relieve what can sometimes be a congested confluence of motor vehicles, pedestrians and bikers. The idea of a seamless bridge of parkland over that junction appeared on a drawing last month but the citizen advisory committee didn’t get to it in that meeting.

Assistant Park Superintendent Michael Schroeder said Wednesday that he thinks there are more cost-effective ways to improve the intersection.

Last month’s discussion focused entirely on ideas for the Calhoun lakeshore. This month’s session meeting focused more on Harriet, plus the Berry parkway area that connects the two lakes, and Calhoun’s east shore.

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New ideas advanced for park changes at Harriet and south …