The September Hill & Lake Press and Three SWLRT Articles

The following linked articles are from the Hill and Lake Press and relate to SWLRT.

The September Hill & Lake Press and Three SWLRT Articles

The September Hill & Lake Press has been posted on the website.

Of particular interest are three timely SWLRT articles.  They can be accessed by clicking on the above link to the Hill and Lake Press website.

One article is Susu Jeffrey’s ” SOUTHWEST LRT: Developing Minneapolis from City of Lakes to City of Stadiums.”  This is on page 3.

The second article is Michael Wilson’s “Council committee recommends approval of revised SWLRT plan.”  This is on page 1.

The third is Michael Wilson’s “Hornstein asks Council committee to include freight rail safety
in municipal consent consideration.”  This is on page 5.

Note especially the 14 photos on p. 4 of many of the people who continue to fight the good fight and spoke at the September 15, 2015 Transportation & Public Works Committee meeting.