Commons Park’s Community Development Committee Update from Last Week

Commons Park’s Community Development Committee Update from Last Week

Here’s the you tube recording of community development’s commons park presentation.  See agenda below.


Move the bar at the bottom of the screen to about the 16 min. mark.   Sometimes it takes several seconds for that bar to appear.


from earlier emails I sent, here is the committee action :
”  Discussion
13. Downtown East Commons concept design approval and implementation (15-01045)
a.    Approving the concept design for the Commons.
b.    Authorizing Green Minneapolis to undertake a fundraising campaign to support the design, construction and operation of the Commons.
c.    Authorizing agreement(s) with Green Minneapolis and Ryan Companies for construction of an initial phase of enhancements to the Commons consistent with the Concept Design.
d.    Authorizing amendments to the existing loan and disbursement agreements for the Commons project. 
Action Taken: Approved, as amended to add a new recommendation “e” to read as follows:  “e. Affirming that $2 million of the design and project management costs already authorized by the City will not be replenished from the fundraising campaign.”     “