Motions to Intervene on Crown Hydro License Amendment Application

The following item is courtesy of Doug Verdier:

Motions to Intervene on Crown Hydro License Amendment Application

Both Symphony Hydro LLC and Minneapolis Leased Housing Associates IV, LP (A-Mill hydro project) have filed with FERC motions to intervene regarding Crown Hydro’s proposed license amendment.

Symphony Hydro is the proposal to install turbines inside the lock chamber now that the lock has been closed for navigation. FERC denied Symphony’s preliminary permit application on Feb. 5, 2015. This denial was supposed to have been “final agency action.” In Symphony’s motion to intervene regarding Crown Hydro’s application, they note that they hold a preliminary permit. I have not seen any correspondence between Symphony and FERC that would indicate that a preliminary permit has been issued by FERC, although a Star Tribune article on March 27, 2015 indicated that they had reapplied. I have likewise not seen anything regarding a new application.

Deadline for individual comments regarding Crown’s proposal to amend their license is Aug. 29. To expedite your comments via email, go to www. . It takes about 5 minutes to submit a comment on-line to FERC.

Copies of the two motions to intervene are linked below:

A-MillmotiontointerveneRECrownHydro   SymphonyHydromotiontointerveneonCrownHydro