Recap of SWLRT Hearing for the SDEIS

The following is a recap by Sally Russe of the June 18 public Hearing for the Southwest LRT Supplemental DEIS.

Recap of SWLRT Hearing for the SDEIS

It was a good, civil meeting. Lots of people spoke about returning to the drawing board, pointing out the very flawed process and lack of honesty and transparency regarding rail and co-location. There were people from all over, (St.Paul, Powderhorn Park, North Mpls) as well as CIDNA, Bryn Mawr and Kenilworth. Over 30 people spoke, none in favor of the current route as it stands now, for safety, financial, and environmental reasons. There was a lot of talk about rail, in fact, the explosions and other hazards (I confess I was late but heard a recap and was present to hear other speakers); abetting the many environmental issues (groundwater, soil and the lake) will be prohibitively expensive. People also brought up the Penn Avenue stop, the 21st Street stop, equitably/non-equitability and a host of other things.
July 21 is the deadline for sending in opinions.