Observations Regarding “Save the Trees in the Sculpture Garden”

The following item by Minneapolis resident Evelyn Turner was posted on the Minneapolis Issues List on June 8, 2015.


Observations Regarding “Save the Trees in the Sculpture Garden

You can take a tour of the garden using google maps streetview.  The cameras went  up and down the interior paths.  It’s shabby (with out the chic).  In my opinion this is the result of deferred maintenance and impractical design.

Compaction kills plants by blocking absorption of water and nutrients.

Looking at the new plan:

The accessible route (formerly called the handicap entrance) is awful.  Going straight down into the garden starting at the street is part of experience of the garden.  It feels like making somebody use the back door.  Extend the slope to the first cross path for a universal entrance.

The garden should again be encircled with evergreen trees.  The bottleneck and I-94 do not make for a pleasant experience.

Keep flush toilets.  The fragrance used to cover the odor of portapotties is only slightly less nauseating than that  of the contents.

Restrict access to landscaped areas by barriers and thoughtful design.  It will save the trees and shrubs.

I’m underwhelmed by the landscape plan.  With bosques of every local tree it will become the sculpture garden and arboretum.

Evelyn Turner