Evolving plans for the ‘Commons’ park in Minneapolis aren’t commonplace

The following editorial was published in the May 4, 2015 issue of the Star Tribune:

Evolving plans for the ‘Commons’ park in Minneapolis aren’t commonplace

There’s work to do, but the Downtown East plan is taking shape. 

Not so many months ago, the concept of a park in the Downtown East district of Minneapolis was a muddled mess. Two city blocks next to the new Vikings stadium had been set aside for green space, but quarrels erupted on nearly every front.

Could the city own and operate the park, or did the Park Board have exclusive rights? Could the park be a true public space if the football team dominated its use for much of the year? Was this really going to be a park, after all, or something closer to a plaza? Confusion reigned even on what to call it. (The “Yard” was discarded in favor of the “Commons.”)

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