The information in this post is excerpted from a news release dated February 23, 2015 and  circulated by Bob Carney, Jr., a former candidate for mayor in Minneapolis and a registered Lobbyist representing “We the People”


The LPA’s Lawsuit challenging Met Council’s Southwest Light Rail process has two upcoming Federal Court Hearings: Motion to Dismiss on February 25 and Motion for Summary Judgment on March 9; Lawsuit could stop, delay, or change Met Council’s plan

On February 25th at 10:00 AM Federal District Court Judge John Tunheim will hear the Metropolitan Council and FTA’s motion to dismiss the case.  On March 9th at 3:00 PM, Judge Tunheim will hear the LPA’s motion for summary judgment.

Both hearings are open to the public, and are at the Federal Court Building, Chamber 13E, 300 South Fourth Street, Minneapolis.  LPA has stated it has moved for summary judgment because all facts are a matter of public record and are not in dispute, consequently the case could be resolved immediately by the Judge, by applying the law to the facts.

According to LPA Board Member and former Minneapolis Park Board member George Puzak’s September 8, 2014 statement, the LPA lawsuit is asking for two things:

“First, a declaration by the Court that by failing to complete an Environmental Impact Statement, the Met Council has broken both state and federal laws; and”

“Second, a declaration that the approvals obtained from Minneapolis and the other municipalities be declared null and void.”

Over recent months serious environmental concerns have emerged concerning the proposed Kenilworth route.  Due to the increase in oil and ethanol shipped by freight, which will continue through Kenilworth and is not subject to State regulation, serious transportation safety issues have also emerged.  Among other dangers, a chemical train derailment, or an attack, could result in burning, highly volatile Bakken crude pouring into one or both ends of tunnels with up to two light rail trains inside.

The Court’s docket for this case, File No. 0:14-cv-03391-JRT-SER, now shows 62 document numbers.

Lakes and Parks Alliance (“LPA”) is a citizen group that sued the Metropolitan Council, Chair Susan Haigh, and the Federal Transportation Authority (“FTA”), challenging current plans for the proposed Southwest Light Rail project.

LPA is represented by top legal talent, including former Hennepin County Attorney Thomas Johnson, a Principal with Grey, Plant Mooty, and Lewis Remele, CEO of Bassford Remele, PA.