Met Council, Feds Agree with Mill City Times Poll – MPRB Is Not Obstructing Southwest LRT

Mill City Times Poll

The following article by David Tinjum is from the February 9, 2015 issue of the Mill City Times:

In last weeks poll, we asked if Gov. Dayton should cut the MPRB’s budget over there request for a park impact study.  Progress on the issue was made at last weeks MPRB meeting on Wednesday, when Met Council Chair Adam Duininck told the Board that he has never thought the MPRB was trying to kill the LRT project.  Earlier that day the Federal Transit Authority, after attending several working meetings between Met Council & MPRB staffers, weighed in and ordered the Met Council to conduct the pact study at the heart of the disagreement.  MPRB President Liz Wielinski & Met Council Reps also agreed that they can work together to avoid delays to the project.