Park Board Plans to Vote Yes on a Deal That Would Give the Vikings Control of the Downtown East Park

The following letter urging people to contact Park Board Commissioners regarding the MOU was posted on the Issues List on December 10, 2014 by Elise Morton:

Park Board Plans to Vote Yes on a Deal That Would Give the Vikings Control of the Downtown East Park

The Minneapolis Park Board has been presented with the opportunity to approve or reject a deal that would in essence give ownership of the future Downtown East Park  (adjacent to the stadium) to the MSFA and the Vikings. As Brad Bourn, MN Park Commissioner from District 6, has pointed out, this proposal provides overwhelming benefits to billionaires at the expense of the community.

The Park Board currently has incredible leverage to make bird-safe glass be incorporated into the stadium. Having control of the Downtown East Park is critical to the MSFA and the Vikings. Unfortunately, the Board has indicated that they will approve this terrible agreement when they vote at their December 17th meeting. As such, it is imperative that everyone call his/her the MRPB Commissioner and tell him/her that this would be unacceptable. You can find your Commissioner here –

We believe that we do not yet have the necessary support on the Park Board (4/9 votes) to reject this proposal, or 5, to approve an amendment for bird-safe glass. Therefore, we need people to come to the Dec. 17th meeting to make it clear that this decision is not supported by the public and that Commissioners will be held accountable come election time.

This meeting represents what is likely our LAST CHANCE to effect change with the stadium. This time however, instead of the deaf ears of the powerful and the wealthy (the MSFA and the Vikings), we have the ears of the MRPB Commissioners who are elected and have a vested interest in Minneapolis parks and in responding to our demands.

If people don’t call and don’t show, they will think it doesn’t matter and the proposal will be accepted. Please come if you can.

WHEN: Wednesday, December 17th, 5:00PM
WHERE: 2117 West River Road,
Minneapolis, MN 55411

You can visit the Facebook event page for details and updates:

Elise Morton