Readers’ Comments on the Forming of a Parks Conservancy

Readers’ Comments on the Forming of a Parks Conservancy

Here are a few readers’ comments that were posted on the Star Tribune blog which were critical of a parks conservancy for the Downtown East Park.

quinneroo Oct. 9, 14

rshackleford and I are NOT anti-stadium and never have been. Stop with the labels because it is a lie. We are anti-taxpayer funding, and if you have followed this issue you would realize the travesty that unfolded two years ago and the financial mess that it has caused, not to mention the discarding of the peoples right to a vote on the matter.

quinneroo Oct. 8, 14

So let me get this straight. We (City) are going to finance another playground for the same group that burdened us with a (peoples) stadium that a vast majority of residents can’t afford to visit, and by doing so also limit our use of it for their special events on the best days of the year. GOSH!!! Where do I sign up? I would rather fund the MPRB and have this space open to ALL residents ALL the time. Enough already!

Escape Oct. 8, 14

This isn’t public land. It’s publicly-funded land that most of the public won’t be allowed to use. It’s a park for millionaires paid for by us working slobs who can’t afford a Vikings ticket.

ghutch Oct. 8, 14

A non public, unaccountable, private business to oversee a park that the taxpayers of Minneapolis are responsible to pay the operating costs? HUH? This is simply adding more overhead to the unjustified expense of building and maintaining a private venue for the Vikings to exploit for their private benefit. Either make this a public park with full public access or sell it to the Vikings and let them run it and pay the bills. This is another public giveaway to the closed-head-injury entertainment industry.

rshackleford Oct. 8, 14

“The one outstanding question that we’re wresting with is how do you pay for the maintenance costs, the ongoing maintenance costs,” Frey said. —– These people in this group are GENIUSES. Good luck funding a park in perpetuity WITHOUT taxpayer money. If these people want to create a pseudo-park for Wilf, go ahead and pay for it for all time. And, paying for these pseudo-parks is not to be considered “charity and/or donations” that are tax deductible.