The following letter from Connie Sullivan regarding Peter Callaghan’s article about the Park Board’s reaction to being ignored by the MET Council was posted in the October 2, 2014 issue of MinnPost


The stonewalling by the Met Council and its staff is breath-taking. They intend to proceed as if the Minneapolis Park Board didn’t exist and didn’t have stewardship duties toward our parks–including what the met Council apparently thinks is some dinky little canal whose users can be ignored.

The decision to hire an engineering study for half a million is a brave act by the parks commissioners who voted for it. Think how guilty each of them would feel if they didn’t do everything possible to avoid desecration of a park amenity basic to the legend of our city lakes.

We should also look to see who wasn’t at last night’s meeting. Bourn made an extra effort, and we all would benefit from knowing who, among the commissioners, suddenly had something else that precluded their attending to their elected duty.