Letter to Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Regarding SWLRT


On July 24, 2014 attorneys for the Lakes and Parks Alliance sent a letter regarding SWLRT to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Here is both a link to the letter and the letter’s introduction by Stuart Chazin of the Lakes and Parks Alliance.

“I am attaching a copy of a letter delivered last week to Marisol Simon (Federal Transit Administration) & Kenneth Westlake (NEPA Implementation Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance U.S. Environmental Protect Agency) .  It was drafted by the lawyers for the Lakes and Parks Alliance of Minneapolis, Inc. that has been created to conduct litigation on behalf of all of those who care about protecting our lakes and parks.

You will note that the letter contains two law firm letterheads – Gray Plant Mooty and Bassford Remele. This is because Lew Remele has agreed to join the legal team in his role as a seasoned trial lawyer.  Lew, who lives in the neighborhood, is a highly respected litigator.  A former president of the State Bar Association, he has been intimately involved in LRT litigation having actually represented the Met Council in litigation with Xcel energy related to the construction of the Hiawatha line.  He won.  So, we are represented by two exceptional lawyers and firms who are working collaboratively and who are very conscious of the need to control expenses.”