Arne Carlson: Put the Brakes on Stadium District Development

An item by Tim Nelson was posted December 10, 2013 on MPR’s Stadium Watch.  It quotes a post by former Governor and City Council member Arne Carlson on his personal blog.  Carlson urged delaying a decision on the Downtown East park until the new Mayor and City Council take office in January (that didn’t happen):

”How can a City Council digest this complicated financial arrangement in a matter of days sandwiched in between Thanksgiving and Christmas and with six members of the Council and Mayor departing and looking for jobs?

“This not only weakens accountability but also denies the public any kind of understanding and participation. Frankly, it is totally reckless.

“Good projects improve in a democratic society when we have truthful and open disclosure and a thoughtful and thorough examination of all the elements involved.

“I pray that good judgment will prevail and that the incoming Mayor and Council will hold public hearings and do it right. Public service is at its best when it truly embraces the public good and earns the public’s trust.”

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