Carol Overland: Crown Hydro Has No Project

The following comment regarding Crown Hydro’s November 26, 2013  Public Meeting by Carol A. Overland, a regulatory attorney, was posted on on December 2, 2013:


This isn’t about Xcel meeting its mandate, they’ve met it and are ahead of requirements, have met it into the future!  There are new requirements, and they’ve put out RFPs for that power, particularly solar.  And Crown Hydro doesn’t have have a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), with Xcel or anyone else, that’s part of the problem, no PPA, no financing, no project, and they don’t have a PPA because there’s no project!

This is a just 3.5 MW project, a flyspeck in the world of renewable quotas, and again, there is no project, no plan.  Over a year ago, FERC gave them notice that their license/permit would be revoked. They held this meeting in preparation for filing an application for an amended project to try to salvage their permit, but still, no details, no project.

Please read the FERC docket to see the paucity of project:

Docket Number is P-11175-024, go to and then eLibrary and enter the docket number.

It’s pretty hard to advocate for a project when there is none!

Carol A. Overland
Red Wing, MN near Prairie Island Nuclear Plant which needs to be shut down
Regulatory attorney who participates in FERC dockets!!!