Committee Makes Recommendation for Lake Nokomis

The following press release has been issued by the Park Board on July 27. Omitted from this release is the fact that this proposal–unlike other Park Board vendors Tin Fish, SeaSalt and Bread and Pickle–is predicated on a 10-year lease. Leases for Tin Fish, SeaSalt and Bread and Pickle were of a shorter duration. The Park Board has not been granting long term leases.

Arlene Fried

Co-founder of Park Watch



The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s (MPRB) process to select a new food vendor for operation of the Lake Nokomis concession moved one step closer Thursday, July 26, after the project’s Community Advisory Committee (CAC) chose a preferred vendor to recommend to the Board of Commissioners at its Sept. 5 meeting.

The CAC received and evaluated three vendor proposals from local restaurant and business owners before choosing Sandcastle as its preference for operation of the Lake Nokomis concession.

The Sandcastle proposal was submitted by husband and wife team Doug Flicker and Amy Greeley.

Flicker has been in the restaurant business in Minneapolis for 25 years. His current restaurant, Piccolo, is located near Lake Nokomis.

Based on evaluations, the CAC favored Sandcastle for various reasons, including its menu featuring healthy food choices at affordable prices, ability to provide a neighborhood amenity, environmentally sustainable business approach, and potential of providing increased income to the MPRB.

“The CAC’s choice of Sandcastle will be an exciting addition and good fit for Lake Nokomis users and the surrounding neighborhoods,” said Carol Kummer, MPRB Fifth Park District Commissioner. “I want to thank the community for taking part in the process over the past six months and a special thank you to the CAC members for all their hard work.”

The public process in determining a vendor included both online and on-site surveys, five CAC meetings and public input during the CAC meetings. On Sept. 5, the CAC plans to present its recommendations to MPRB Commissioners and a public hearing will be held. Final Board approval is anticipated at the Sept. 19 meeting. The MPRB aims to execute a contract with a selected vendor by Sept. 30, 2012 with the concession ready for operation in April 2013.