What a Park Board Commissioner Earns

The following item by At-Large MPRB Commissioner Annie Young was posted on the Minneapolis Issues List in response to another post on February 10, 2012.


The MPRB does pay its Commissioners a monthly stipend, paid every two weeks like everyone else working in the City of Minneapolis. It comes out to about $12,000 a year and since we get health benefits we are considered full time employees which means the stipend comes down to about $5.24+ an hour.

The other perk of this job is that it is the best job in the City. Being the steward of parks, lakes, 6500 acres, trees, and the Great Mississippi River and providing masses of services to a broad spectrum of people (and lots of kids) is a benefit of this job.

It is not true that most people don’t know who their Park Board folks are – many may not know but there are lots and lots of folks that do. After all, we are on TV and believe me as someone who can’t go shopping, to the Farmer’s Market or swimming in this City without running into people who say
they know me because of Park Board and seeing me on TV or at meetings is a myth.

I love this job.

Annie Young

Citywide Park Commissioner