Annie Young & Park Board Transparency


The following comment by Park Board Commissioner Annie Young was posted on the Issues List on December 5, 2011:

From: “Annie Young”

Sent: Monday, December 05, 2011 4:19 PM

Subject: Re: [Mpls] Park Board Transparency

Well, it does start at the top – with Jayne Miller, our new Supt. Yes, it pays to have Liz W. and Anita Tabb who came to us via Park Watch and with the help of the “energizer bunny” John Erwin to ask lots and lots of questions.

But it really, really helps to have a Superintendent who is willing to communicate, give answers and be transparent themselves.

Problems in the past weren’t all based on non-action by Commissioners – they stemmed from management issues including the proverbial inability and lack of wanting to communicate.

Thank goodness we have solved that problem and it so much better for everyone concerned including you, the taxpayers – the owners of the fabulous Minneapolis Park system.

Annie Young

East Phillips

Who has the best job in town – being a steward of the Minneapolis Park system.