Park Board Transparency


The following item is excerpted from a recent letter written by 4th District Park Commissioner Anita Tabb that outlines improvements in Park Board transparency during Superintendent Miller’s first year as MPRB Superintendent:

“I wanted to mention a really major item that we’ve managed to ‘daylight’ – the ‘projects’ that come out of Planning. Since Jayne joined MPRB last year and I chaired the Planning Committee, we’ve developed a detailed list of all projects whether they be in process, pending or proposed. It is difficult to believe that this list never existed before but, sadly, it is true! That list is updated monthly and included in the commissioner packets. It is also available at all times on the MPRB website.

So along with the new Community Engagement procedure, we place project information in the public domain trying to eliminate ‘surprises’ that used to occur with alarming regularity. And when a project actually starts, it is included as an individual project on the website along with all documentation (agendas, CAC members, agendas, meeting dates and times, presentations, drawings, surveys, and whatever else might have been generated) so it can be reviewed by any interested party.

This is another HUGE improvement in transparency. And I haven’t even begun to mention the professional standard that we use to develop time, cost and contingency estimates that we use to determine workload and personnel requirements.”