Comments about City Pages' March 3 cover story about Supt. Gurban


The following are online comments published in response to City Pages’ March 3, 2010 article about Supt. Gurban:

  • WHAT A SHAME this article wasn’t published before Kummer, Fine and Olson were re-elected in November.
    Comment by Kelly from Minneapolis on Mar 3rd, 2010
  • PERFECT DESCRIPTION of the man; great article. My personal experience is he has the emotional maturity of a pinhead. He should never ever have been in that position, and he appointed complete idiots that will stay employed and continue to lead with immaturity. It’s a good ol’ boys club over there at the MPRB – take a look a the senior management and you’ll see it’s rainin’ men. Good luck to the park system; you shot yourself in the foot with Gurban and lost my support a long time ago with his management style.
    Comment by Beau G. from Minneapolis on Mar 3rd, 2010
  • I AM A HOME OWNER of 15 yrs. My property is adjacent to a lake, and a small amount of Park Board property.

    The people of Mpls need to understand that the Park Board is filled with Petty Tyrants. They thrive on pissing people off and upsetting them. All I can think of is that they never left the 8th grade.

    Park Board meetings begin about 4:00 pm – not a convienent time for any working person. Citizen input maybe be allowed around 6:30 or so. So when does one eat? Do you really want to address a forum with low blood sugar – IMO it’s engineered.

    At these meetings the Park Board has a resident slime ball attorney.

    My community of neighbors (about 60 families) had a run-in with the Park Board. It seems the Park Board is known for making decisions, then letting the property owners know, and holding a ‘hearing’ – when in reality all the decisions have already been made.

    I have personally spoken to Gurban (at Park Board meetings), and received ‘nasty gram’ letters from Gurban. He is a very angry, controlling person. I have witnessed Gurban talk down to my 80 year old neighbors. IMO, he is a vile person.

    The role of government should be management, not aggression.

    Carol Kummer is also part of the problem.
    Comment by East Coast Doug from Liberal Lakes on Mar 4th, 2010

  • JOHN GURBAN is a nasty, hateful bully of a man. KUDOS to the newly elected park board officials who orchestrated the extermination of one of the rodents in charge of our precious parks. Now if only in our next city election we can throw Olson, Fine and Kummer out the door as well.
    Comment by Kim from Minneapolis on Mar 5th, 2010
  • CAROL KUMMER was appointed to the Park Board by Peter McLaughlin as a reward for her support of the destruction of a rare Oak Savannah along the Mississippi for the Highway 55 expansion. Hudreds [sic] of old growth Burr Oak trees were felled with her support. (Also, by the way with Vivian Mason’s support). I hope everyone pays close attention so these type of political moves, so the sabotaging of our parks won’t continue. Anyone who pays attention and loves parks, would have voted for Jason Stone and defeated Kummer. Let’s not let our attention wander during the next election cycle.
    Comment by Park Lover from Minneapolis on Mar 6th, 2010
  • WHAT A SAD little rag of a newspaper. I have wondered for years why I bother picking it up. I will no longer even bother. John Gurban is a neighbor and a great person. He cares deeply for this city and the parks and his family. The obscene cover of this rag was horrifying. I can only hope the childish illustrator will someday have some sense of human compassion. There is good satire and then there is abuse. This was nothing less than character assassination.
    Comment by Steven F. Brown from Minneapolis on Mar 8th, 2010