Lake Harriet C A C Recommendations Presented To Commissioners

Lake Harriet CAC Recommendations Presented To Commissioners

Matt Perry, chair of the Lake Harriet Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC), formally presented the CAC’s Final Report and Recommendations on Lake Harriet Concessions at the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s Planning Committee meeting on January 20, 2010. The report itself was received and filed by the Board on December 16, 2009. The January 20 presentation completes the charge given the CAC and concludes its work.

Matt’s 12-page presentation to the Park Board can be found HERE.

Specifically, the CAC recommended that the Park Board provide additional food concession options at Lake Harriet and minimize negative community impacts by expanding concession operations into the breezeway area within the footprint of the existing concession building.

The CAC did not support the staff’s original recommendation for an additional new building.
See page 8 of the report for an architectural concept design for the existing concession building demonstrating the feasibility of utilizing the original footprint.

The MPRB Planning Committee unanimously adopted the recommendations set forth in the “Lake Harriet CAC Final Report and Recommendations”. Don Sigglekow, MPRB General Manager, said the next steps are to have the full Board act on the plan approval at their February 3, 2010 meeting. If approved, staff will outline the RFP process at the MPRB February 17 meeting for Board approval. As part of that RFP process, staff will be recommending to include interested Lake Harriet CAC members on the RFP committee.

The Lake Harriet CAC set out to establish a set of defensible, sustainable recommendations that could stand on their own, and that could be successfully implemented by the Park Board. Thanks to the work of CAC members, stakeholders, staff, and other professionals, the CAC has met this goal.

The entire CAC report, which consists of 25 pages plus appendix, can be found HERE.

The CAC site was set up as part of a broader effort to provide for an open and transparent public participation process. The public can view any part of this site and download all documents that are posted on it. It will remain online as long as it is serving a useful purpose to the public. With the work of the CAC concluded, the site will not host new material. For official documentation created by the CAC please visit the MPRB Lake Harriet CAC web page HERE. Then click on “Lake Harriet CAC Website.”


Here are the highlights from the 25 page CAC report, which Cheryl Luger described on the Issues list as a “really impressive report.” The eleven CAC members spent eight months researching and writing the report.

Created and charged by MPRB in February 2009 to examine and advise on concession opportunities at the bandshell area, including structure and site issues

– #1. Should food concession options be expanded at the Lake Harriet pavilion area, and if so, for what purpose and to what end?
– #2. If more food options are offered, what structural and/or physical layout changes to the pavilion area would be necessary (if any)?
– #3. If food options are expanded or changed, what are the impacts and how are they best addressed?

– CAC found broad interest in expanded food options
– CAC recognized the limitations of the current building layout
– CAC found widespread concerns about any additional building
– “Aha” moment for CAC led to key question: What options exist WITHIN the existing building footprint that haven’t yet been explored?

– Expand food options WITHIN the footprint of the current concession building
– Remodel the interior layout of the ENTIRE existing concession building, expanding into the current breezeway with improved areas for food preparation, service, and storage

Lake Harriet Pavilion picnic culture
High service standards
Affordable price points
Environmental awareness and sustainability
Importance of healthy food choices

Actively engage stakeholders in a public process to help inform plans and decisions


– Joel Chechik
– Roann Cramer
– John Finlayson
– Janet Hallaway
– Donovan Hart
– Elizabeth Larsen
– Bruce Manning
– Lisa McDonald
– Matt Perry (chair)
– Joseph Schmidt
– Patty Selly