Park Board Selects Officers, Committees, Representatives for 2010

The following information is from a MPRB press release


The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board held their annual meeting on Monday, Jan. 4, and elected their officers for 2010. John Erwin was unanimously selected as President, as was Annie Young for Vice President. The Board also unanimously reappointed General Manager Don Siggelkow as Secretary to the Board, and Brian Rice as General Counsel.

Newly-elected Commissioners are:
Brad Bourn – District 6
John Erwin – At-large
Anita Tabb – District 4
Liz Wielinski – District 1

Re-elected Commissioners are:
Bob Fine – At-large
Carol Kummer – District 5
Jon Olson – District 2
Scott Vreeland – District 3
Annie Young – At-large

President Erwin appointed the following Commissioners to serve on Standing Committees of the Board (one-year terms):

· Administration and Finance Committee – Chair Scott Vreeland, Vice Chair Anita Tabb, Jon Olson, Bob Fine, Liz Wielinski

· Recreation Committee – Chair Liz Wielinski, Vice Chair Carol Kummer, Bob Fine, Anita Tabb, Brad Bourn

· Planning Committee – Chair Annie Young, Vice Chair Bob Fine, Scott Vreeland, Jon Olson, Liz Wielinski

· Operations and Environment Committee – Chair Jon Olson, Vice Chair Brad Bourn, Annie Young, Carol Kummer, Scott Vreeland

· Legislation and Inter-Governmental Committee – Chair Carol Kummer, Vice Chair Jon Olson, Anita Tabb, Liz Wielinski, Brad Bourn

· Committee on Standards and Conduct – Chair Brad Bourn, Vice Chair Liz Wielinski, Anita Tabb, Carol Kummer, Annie Young

President Erwin also appointed commissioners and three citizens to serve on the following external boards, commissions and panels:

· Planning Commission – Brad Bourn, alternate Annie Young (two-year term)

· Board of Estimate and Taxation – Bob Fine, alternate Anita Tabb (one-year term)

· Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission (citizen appointments) – Ami Thompson (second year of two-year term); alternate Carol Pass (two-year term)

· Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program – Liz Wielinski, alternate Scott Vreeland (one-year term)

· St. Anthony Falls Heritage Board – Scott Vreeland, Bob Fine, Liz Wielinski, citizen appointee Stephanie Gruber (one-year term)

· Youth Coordinating Board – Bob Fine, Park Board Brad Bourn (one-year term)

· Minneapolis Institute of Arts Board – Anita Tabb, alternate John Erwin (one-year term)

· Public Art Design Advisory Panel – Carol Kummer, alternate Brad Bourn (one-year term)

· Mississippi Watershed Management Organization – Scott Vreeland, alternate Liz Wielinski (one-year term)

· John H. Stevens House Organization – Carol Kummer, alternate Anita Tabb (one-year term)

· Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee – Brad Bourn, alternate Jon Olson (one-year term)

· Minneapolis Parks Foundation – John Erwin, alternate Anita Tabb (one-year term)

· Minneapolis Tree Advisory Committee – John Erwin, alternate Carol Kummer (one-year term)

· Riverfront Corporation – Scott Vreeland, Jon Olson, Bob Fine, alternates Carol Kummer, Liz Wielinski, Anita Tabb (one-year term)

· Liaison to the 2010 NRPA Conference – Former Commissioners Mary Merrill Anderson and Tracy Nordstrom (one-year term)