Park Watch has heard that the Star Tribune will not be endorsing Park Board candidates in races that have incumbents. In other words, they will be endorsing only the Park Board races that have open seats. This has caused a reaction from the public. Park Watch is listing some of the public commentary. The letters from Jason Stone and David Brauer appeared on the Minneapolis Issues List.

From: Jason Stone Date: Sep 22 21:52 UTC Short link

Reaching out to Star Tribune staff to ask about screening dates I was
informed that, due to staff constraints, they would be endorsing only
for Park Board races with open seats. The result is a de facto
endorsement of all incumbents and a lack of impartiality by the paper.

I’m sympathetic to the impact of cuts on Star Tribune staff. Yet I’m
also aware of the power of incumbency and the negative impact this
decision has on all challengers of the status quo.

If you disagree with the editorial board’s decision please let them
know via this online form.

Jason Stone
Diamond Lake

From: Forum Manager (David Brauer) Date: Sep 24 17:41 UTC Short link

Hey Park Board candidates and supporters –

I’m trying to confirm that the Star Tribune editorial page is not doing
endorsements in races with incumbents this year for a story for MinnPost.
Jason Stone has written about it on this forum, but since the Strib
officially refuses to confirm/deny, I’m looking for other sources that can
support Jason’s contention.

Please email me. If you happen to have an email from the Strib that can
provide documentation, all the better.

David Brauer
Not posting as forum manager