Filings for Park Board seats in the November general election closed on July 21, 2009. By filing for one of the three at-large seats, sixth district Commissioner Bob Fine is abandoning his own district and avoiding having to defend himself against Brad Bourn, a viable first-time candidate who won the DFL endorsement by a large margin.

When Meg Forney, an old friend of Bob’s, appeared as a candidate in district six, there was speculation that Bob would be going for the at-large seat because Meg, when asked, has said that she would not run against Bob. By switching to at-large, Bob can devote all his time to promoting the Independent Park Board charter amendment and avoid debating any district issues like citizen participation and Lake Calhoun.

John Erwin, a former Park Board commissioner, was endorsed by the DFL for one of the three at-large seats. Annie Young is the only Green party candidate.

In the second district, Michael Guest, an unexpected candidate, has filed against Jon Olson who did not get the DFL endorsement. Luann Wilcox dropped out.

Carol Kummer’s bid for re-election in the fifth district was a surprise as the word was that that she wanted to retire. Carol is known for her unwavering and outspoken support for the Crown Hydro project, which Park Watch has opposed. Jason Stone, who ran against Carol four years ago and lost by a very narrow margin, is running again.

Here are all the Park Board filings as posted in the Star Tribune by Steve Brandt on July 22, 2009:

Tom Nordyke, John Erwin, Annie Young, Mary Merrill Anderson, John Butler, David Wahlstedt, Bob Fine and Nancy Bernard. Nordyke, Erwin and Merrill Anderson are DFL-endorsed; Young is Green-endorsed.

District 1: Liz Wielinski, Bernie Kunza and John Malone (Wielinski is DFL-endorsed); District 2: Jon Olson, LuAnn Wilcox and Michael Guest; District 3: Scott Vreeland and Mike Wendorf (Vreeland is DFL-endorsed); District 4: Anita Tabb (DFL-endorsed); District 5: Steve Barland, Dan W. Peterson, McClain Looney, Jason Stone and Carol Kummer; District 6: Meg Forney, Brad Bourn, Geneva Hanvik and Steven Jecha (Bourn is DFL-endorsed.)